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Synchronicity Caught in the Moment.

The Hook Incident

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Notes form Brandon Scott.
August 14.2005

You never know when a coincidence will occur, so I carry a small portable digital recorder to log them as they happen.
This synchronicity occurred at the Beverly Hills Fencing Center after my workout . While two separate unrelated conversations where going on, Roberta Brown was folding a futon. Seeing she needed something to support the fold, I left the room to look for something. Roberta stayed in the room talking with Spike and T. J. about a movie. I then returned with a hook I had found on a belt. Not listening to their conversation, I proceeded to hook the belt around the futon. At that very moment, as part of their previously ongoing chat, the word hook was spoken, having nothing to do with what I was doing. Here is the report and witnesses story.

Coincidence or Synchronicity

WHen two or more identical events occur at the same time and have nothing to do with each other. Often times in the form of a word or an image.

Examples: You are typing a letter on your computer, after typing for a while, you round of a sentence say with , " and so I ate the peach anyway". As you are doing this a movie that has been playing in the background has a character that says the word peach at the same instant you write the word peach.

I happen to experience synchronicity, and time loops all the time. Most frequently when on the computer. I will be typing a word and then at that very second that word would appear on television, or would be spoken on the radio. I have gotten into the habit whenever I am out with people to "call" them out. If I or someone else says a word and somebody else says the same word across the room, or a truck goes by with that word written on it, at that very moment, I try to get everyone's attention and point out what happened. Most people just kind of shrug their shoulders. Some GET IT!.
You can also get more in tune with catching synchronies by just being a tad more aware of them. They happen all the time.

I will, in the future post other moments caught and some theories of the time looping's that might help explain them.